How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Creative Business Or Blog

How to use Pinterest to promote your creative business or blog

Pinterest is fun, isn’t it?

All those images of dream interiors, mouth-watering recipes, breathtaking beaches and stylish fashion.

It is possibly the most visually beautiful social media platform. And it’s certainly addictive. On average we spend just over 15 minutes on Pinterest per visit. (To compare, the average Facebook session is 12 minutes and on Twitter, about 3 minutes).

Because it is visual, Pinterest is a great medium for promoting your creative business or blog. And it can be an amazing source of traffic.

Content also tends to be more evergreen than on other social media channels. So you can get visitors to your website through pins you posted months, or even years ago.

So here are some tips to help you get the most out of your account and drive even more visitors and customers to your website.  [Read more...]